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is an educational learning and motivational tool that can be used in many applications to assist in student learning and comprehension 

 The C-Write 'packages' have been individually designed to appeal to a broad range of interests and learning levels. Each 'package' is composed of several component parts (Word Search, Short Answer, Matching, Long Assignments, True/False). All packages also include a complete answer key. (Videos are not included). Each component provides a variety of learning styles, each building on the other to keep the student(s) interested in the project while challenging them to test their knowledge and capabilities.

 Videos and movies have become a primary source of information and entertainment for children (and adults) in today's society. We have created a way to utilize this media to assist students and adults at all levels. While the video packages were initially designed for students from Grade 7 through Grade 12, they have been found to be of significant benefit in many other applications.

In the Classroom

Each package can be used as a class assignment, an individual student make-up project, or as an extra credit assignment. A teacher can utilize any or all components of the package to support his or her teaching goals and time constraints. Projects can be completed in the classroom, as a group or individually. They can also be used as home-work to supplement the classroom learning.

Home Study

The C-Write packages can also be used as part of a home study program. They are designed to help keep students interested in completing the projects while improving all aspects of learning; comprehension, reading, spelling, grammar and memory/retention.


Packages can be used either as part of a tutoring program or self study program to help a tutor and his or her students increase their knowledge and understanding of the subject areas. Each project takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete (not including viewing time) and can be completed in one session or broken up into several sessions. A tutor may use whichever works best for that individual's time frame.

ESL (English Second Language)

An ideal component of any ESL program. Why? Each package allows the students to work at their own pace. As some students read slower, they require more time than might be allowed in a classroom setting. This program allows ESL students to complete assignments at their leisure, in their own environment, taking the time needed to comprehend the information. This will result in faster learning and a less frustrated student.